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Yellow Bumble Bee Jewelry

bee charm jewelry ideas

Materials for making 1 Yellow Bumble Bee Beaded Bracelet

1 - C1020 tlf - Large Enamel Bumble Bee - Silver Plated Charm
1 - C1022 tlf - Beehive with 2 Bumble Bees - Silver Plated Charm
1 - C1024 tlf - Enamel Bee - Silver Plated Charm
1 - C1591 tlf - Flower - Daisy White - Silver Plated Charm
1 - C3534 tlf - Silver Bee on Yellow Flower - Silver Plated Charm
1 - C4256 tlf - Two Tone Daisy Flower - Im. Rhodium & Gold Plated Charm

Tools Needed:

2 Pair Needle Nose Pliers
Split Ring Opener


1: Lay our beaded bracelet and charms in the same order as the picture.
2: Using your split ring opener take off the split rings on the bracelet.
3: With your pliers take off the 4mm jump rings on the charms.
4: Put 6mm jump rings on the charms using your pliers.
5: Using your pliers put the charms on the bracelet.

Materials for making 1 pair of Yellow Bumble Bee Beaded Earrings

1 - C2245 tlf - Beaded Earrings - Yellow (3 pair per package)
1 - C1222 tlf - Mini Bumble Bee - Silver Plated Charm

Tools Needed:

2 Pair Needle Nose Pliers


1: Using your needle nose pliers, gently open the jump ring on C1222 Mini Bumble Bee and attach it to the beaded earring.
2: Repeat Step 1 for the second earring.
Your finished, now you have a matching set of Yellow Bumble Bee Charm Jewelry!

-From the Two Purple Pandas Design Studio