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Pink Beaded Easter Charm Bracelet

Materials Pictured Above

1 - C2185* tlf - Bunny Face Silver Plated Charm
1 - C2186 tlf - Easter Egg Basket Silver Plated Charm
1 - C2187 - Yellow Easter Egg with Lavender Hearts - Silver Plated Charm
1 - C2188 ctlf - Egg Teal & Blue Silver Plated Charm
1 - C2189 tlf - Egg Pink & Lavender Silver Plated Charm
1 - C2190 tlf - Pink Easter Egg - Silver Plated Charm
7 - C1328+ tlf - Mini 2 Sided Pink Heart - Silver Plated Charm
1 - BC2240 tlf - Pink - Fire Polished Czech Glass Beaded Charm Bracelet (8.5")
7 - G5489 tlf - 7mm Silver Plated Jump Rings - 18 Gauge (1mm thick) (144 per package)

Use the split rings on the Czech beaded bracelet to attach the large charms. You may need to use a split ring opener or your fingernails.
Use the 7mm jump rings to attach the mini heart charms inbetween.

This design can be simplified by not adding the mini pink hearts. You can also add more pizzazz with another 7 mini white hearts next to the mini pink hearts.