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Hot Fashion Trends

Charm Jean Jewelry

With a few minutes work, you can add a little sparkle to your jeans.

Latch on to a hot trend that's perfect for back to school. You can make these jean trinkets from either broken pieces of vintage jewelry, or you can create all-news items from chain, charms, and beads.

You will need:

  • At least five inch length chain
  • 2 needle nose pliers
  • 8-10mm Jump Rings
  • Charms, Beads, and anything else you want to add.

Red Heart Charms as Jean Jewelry

For this fabulous Brighton Inspired Jean Jewelry, we used a 7"e; chain bracelet (5246). We added some depth with the red fire polished glass Czech beads. You can make this in red as we have done for a bit more pizzazz or keep it subtle. These heart charms also come in blue and black. You could even mix and match.

We attached the beads with an eye pin and then let the charms dangle from the end. Another alternative would be to attach beads with head pins almost as a separate charm.

cheerleader jean jewelry

patriotic jean jewelry

Cheer Jean Jewelry

You can use any grouping of charms, chains, or beading cord to make jean jewelry. In this example, we used our local High School's Panthers as inspiration. From graduating class year, to a large Initial letter Charm to keep it personal, this is great for any sports fan.

You could also personalize this with your specific sports, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, baseball, softball, or soccer.

Sports Moms Jean Jewelry

Sports moms now can show their team spirit with this great charm accessory. You can mix and match sports, and team colors.

We also have most team colors available, like red, orange, yellow, teal, maroon, black, silver, white, blue, purple, and green.

Show Your Patriotic Side!

With tons of patriotic charms to choose from, we kept this one simple.

We also carry a large selection of Texas Charms for the mighty proud Texan.

You can use any grouping of charms, chains, or beading cord to make jean jewelry.

Christian Charm Jewelry

Here is just a sampling of our religious charms. Choose from a variety of phrases such as, "e;Faith"e;, "e;Hope"e;, "e;Peace"e;, "e;Inspire"e;, "e;Believe"e;, and "e;Love"e;.

We also have a large selection of Judaica Charms and Angel Charms.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Raise Awareness with our Awareness Ribbon Charms. Personalize your Jean Jewelry for your Cause with one of our ribbon charms.

Our Ribbon Charm comes in the following colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, White, Pink, and Silver.

For Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings Click here.

Little Princess Jewelry

Jazz Up your little angel's outfit with a small and simple charm jewelry.

Here we have selected a ballet charm, butterfly charm, and pink hearts.

Other Ideas are: Flower Charms, Puppy Dog or Kitty Cat Charms, Angel Charms, Flip Flops, Music Charms, Sea Side, Diva, Mascot, Gambling, Beauty, and Holiday.

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