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 Jewelry Ideas for Patriotic Charms

Love America Charm Necklace

USA Charm Necklace

Flag Charm Earrings

Patriotic Charm Pin

Heart of America Charm Scrapbook Page

 Equipment: Needle Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Decorative Scissors

Love America Necklace
1   Silvere Heart Charm (#C1032)                   2   Silvere Patriotic ribbons (#C1113)
1   Small Link Nickel or Silver Necklace           2     3 mm Jump Rings

Take the clasp off of one end of the necklace and cut 4 inches off the end. Reattach the clasp onto the necklace. Attach one end of the cut chain 1 ¾inches; from the middle of the necklace using a jump ring. Attach the other end 1 3/4inches; from the center the other way. Attach the charms to the necklace as seen in the photo.

USA Necklace
1  Silvere USA charm (#C1655)                    1  Silvere Heart Slider (#C1463)
1  Small Link Nickel or Silver Necklace          1   9mm Nickel Jump Ring

Take the clasp off of one end of the necklace. String the slider onto the necklace. Replace the clasp. Attach the USA charm to the heart slider with the jump ring.

Flag Earrings
2  CharmerFlag Charms (#7390)                     1  Silvere Heart Sliders (#C1832)
2   1 1/2inches Nickel Eye Pin                                 8mm Oval Blue Beads
4   Red Seed Beads                                          1   Pair Nickel French Earring Hooks

Put the eye pin into the top of the heart slider. Angle the pin slightly and add one red bead, one blue bead, and one red bead. Carefully guide the eye pin into the bottom hole of the slider. Trim the eye hook and make a loop on the end. Attach one french earring to the top of the eye pin. Attach the flag charm to the bottom of the eye pin. Repeart for the other earring.

Patriotic Charm Pin
1  CharmerPatriotic Star (#7389)                     1  CharmerPatriotic Heart(#7458)
1  CharmerUncle Sam Hat (#7388)                  2   1/2 Nickel Head Pins
1   Nickel Safety Pin with 5 rings                         2  5mm Nickel Heart Beads
1   4mm Nickel Jump Ring                                    (Holes going from top to bottom)

Put one eye pin into the bottom hole of one heart bead. Trim the head pin and make a loop. Repeat with the other head pin and heart bead. Attach all of the charms to the safety pin. Use the extra jump ring for the Patriotic Heart. See photo for placement.

Heart of America Scrapbook Page
1  Silvere Patriotic Charm (#C1003)                   1  Silvere Flag Charm (#C1190)
1  Silvere USA Charm (#C1655)                         1   1 1/2inches Square of Gray Paper
1   Square of Silver Paper                                   1   Sheet of Beige Paper
1   Sheet of Karen Foster Liberty Crackle Paper          Acid Free Glue

Cut two; squares and a 1 1/2incehs square from the beige paper. With a pin, make a hole at the bottom of the large square. Dance the USA charm from the hole. Trim the gray square and the silver square with decorative scissors. Frame your photos with the beige paper. Trim the loop from the star and the flag charms. Glue all into place. See photo for placement.

-From the Two Purple Pandas Design Studio