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 Fun in the Sun:

Great Summer Jewelry Ideas for Charms

Lady Bug CharmEarrings

Pink Sandal Charm Necklace

Frog and Turtle Charm Necklace

Sunglass Charm Bracelet

 Equipment: Round Nose Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers

Lady Bug Earrings
2  Silvere Lady Bug Charms (#C1272)                   12   Green Bugle Beads
22   Green Seed Beads                                              24  Gauge Jewelry Wire
2   Silver Seed Beads                                                    1    Pair Nickel French Earring Hooks

Cut the jewelry wire into two pieces. Make a wrapped loop on one of the lengths of wire. String three seed beads onto the wire. Bend the wire to form a right angle. Add one bugle bead. Bend the wire back to the wire stem and add another bugle bead. Bend the wire to form a right angle toward the loop. Add two seed beads and wrap the end around the wire stem and back through the two seed beads. Repeat this two more times, alternating direction of the bugle beads. Add a silver seed bead and make another wrapped loop to attach the lady bug charm. Add the French earring to the top loop. Repeat for the other earring.

Sandal Necklace
1  Silvere Sandal Charm (#1940)                           Light Blue Seed Beads
     Beading Wire                                                     1    Clasp
2   Crimp Beads                                                            1   9mm Nickel Jump Ring

Determine the finished length of your necklace (ours measured) and add;. Cut the beading wire to this length. String a crimp bead, seed bead, and clasp on one end. Go back through the seed bead and crimp bead. Hold the crimp in the tip of the needle nose pliers. Squeeze the pliers firmly to flatten the crimp. Tug the clasp to make sure the crimp has a solid grip on the wire. If the wire slides, reposition the crimp, squeeze it again and retest. String the seed beads on the wire to the desired length. Finish with another crimp bead and clasp. Attach the sandal to the necklace with a jump ring.

Frog and Turtle Necklace
2  SilvereTurtle Charms (#C1255)                    1 Silvere Frog Charm (#C1489)
3   3mm Emerald Bicone Swarovski Crystals       6   Green Seed Beads
4   Nickel Eye Pins                                              1     9mm Nickel Jump Ring
1  Nickel Clasp                                                    2   Nickel Bead Tips
      Beading Wire or Thread                                        Assorted Seed Beads

Determine the finished length of your necklace (ours was 19 inches long). Add 8inches; and cut three pieces of beading wire to this length. String all three strands through a bead top and knot. Crimp the bead cap closed. Attach the clasp to the bead cap. String the three strands with the seed beads, occasionally looping the thread twice through a seed bead to add an additional bead. (See picture) Finish the necklace with the other bead tip when you reach the desired length. Attach the bead tip to the clasp. Make the dangles using the eye pins, Swarovski and green seed beads. See photo for suggestions. Add the charms to the dangles. Attach the dangles to the necklace with the 9mm jump ring.

Sunglass Bracelet
1  Silvere Sunglass charm (#C1898)               2   Nickel Bead Tips
1   Nickel Clasp                                                         Beading Wire or Thread
1   9mm Nickel Jump Ring                                 

Determine the finished length of your bracelet (ours was 7 inches; long). Add 8 inches and cut six pieces of beading wire to this length. Follow the necklace instructions, making two lengths of the strands. Attach the strands to the clasp. Attach the charm to the clasp using the 9mm jump ring.

Wrapped Loop Instructions
Make a loop at the end of the wire leaving 1/2inches; of wire. Hold the loop with your round nosed pliers while using the needle nose pliers to wrap the 1/2inch part of the wire around the longer wire. Use your needle nose pliers to ensure you made it tight. Make one or more wraps and trim any excess wire.

-From the Two Purple Pandas Design Studio